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          Shenzhen Shuanghuan QXMOTOR Co., Ltd. was established in 1994. It is a national high-tech enterprise with R&D, production and sales of high-precision micro-motor products as its main business. Since its establishment 27 years ago, it has been focusing on the field of high-precision micro-motors. The cutting-edge technology research and product development of the company is the pioneer in the development of hollow-cup DC motors in my country, and it is also one of the hollow-cup micro-motor manufacturers with the most independent intellectual property rights in China.

          The company has four series of permanent magnet DC coreless motors, permanent magnet DC core motors, vibration motors and permanent magnet brushless DC motors. The products are widely used in mobile phones, remote control aircraft, aerospace products, power tools, medical equipment, The performance of robots, teller machines, military products, etc. has been able to completely and effectively replace the micro-motors of similar imported famous brands such as SANYO, MAXON, COPAL, MICROMO, etc., and provide important domestic component support for the development of related industries in my country.


      • 1996年空心杯電機項目被評為深圳市高新技術項目,國家級重點新產品,電機生產開始采用國際標準;

      • 公司產品1995年全新機電空心杯電機項目通過國家信息產業部成果鑒定,達到國家先進水平;

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